"A Word Called Love"

When times get rough and hard to bear
and you can’t find anyone to even care…
There’s a word called love which we should take heed–
It’s an act of caring when a person is in need.

Love is having a friend, mother, brother, sister, or wife-
-to Share those special times that comes in your life.
Love can have you seeking, searching and hoping to find
, That special someone whose one of a kind.

Some people say the love is only a phase,
But the truth is a person can love in many ways…
There’s a love at heart and a love at mind,
But unconditional love is very hard to find.

The foundation of love is honesty and trust, and there’s some  who don’t know the difference between love and lust.

A smile, a soft hug, or a sweet passionate kiss, 
when you don’t have love this is the affection you miss.
Some people try to buy love which you cannot do,
Just wait for the Lord and He shall truly bless you!

Love was shown by Jesus when He died on the cross,
for the sins of the world He paid the cost.
The moral of this story is to keep life in stride,
Don’t worry about love keep God as your guide!

“Now abide in Faith, hope, and love–the greatest of these three is LOVE” 1 Cor 13:13

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