What God Gave To Man

                                                 What God Gave to Man
The first thing God gave was life to man, and blessed him with authority to rule the land.
He gave man a woman and they became a pair, He placed them in paradise to show how much He cares.
He gave man the Law to know what to do, but the Law wasn’t good enough to save me and you.
He gave man knowledge to know right from wrong, and He gave inspiration and encouragement in the23rd Psalm.
He gave man prophets to show that He is real, but man was rebellious and the prophets they killed.
He spoke to man through Ezekiel and Daniel, He gave man hope through Elijah and Samuel.
He gave man the chance to turn and repent, but man didn’t know righteousness until Jesus was sent.
Jesus told man the truth and about religious deceit, He said be aware of the doctrine of men when they preach.
Jesus gave man a foundation and a good spiritual direction, and said if we continue in Him, He would keep us in His protection.
God gave man the Ultimate when He sent the Messiah, because  He wanted to protect us from the Lake of Fire!
By: Tim Gillam
     Inspirational Specialist
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