I Am On The Internet

O Lord, are You there in cyberspace?
Are You on sites like Facebook and Myspace?
I look for You there, I really do…
I search the internet daily looking for You.
I look for You each time I go online,
I use google search engine to see what I can find.
When I see Your name, I quickly click the link,
I’m sharing this with You to see what You think…

“Behold, in the World Wide Web you can find Me,
I Am also there on the iPhone, iPad and the flat screen T.V.
Like a lighting bolt moving at the speed of light,
in seconds I visited every single site.
Every site that glorifies Me are mine,
but BEWARE! Satan is also online.
He can deceive even with an email,
Yes, He can send them from straight from hell.
Therefore, if you get his message mark it as spam,
and as far as Me being on the internet– Yes, I am!'”

Tim Gillam,
Inspirational Specialist

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2 thoughts on “I Am On The Internet

  1. wow! what a wonderful poem…liked it……and will press this to my blog….:)
    You are good writer…..keep it on!!

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