Prayer Request For The Sheep In Confinement

1) Brother M –

Pray for healing for me.

2) Brother ? –

Please pray for the safe trip to another state for my mother. Pray for my aunt’s funeral and for the recovery of my aunt from cancer.

3) Brother D –

Please pray for my wife and I to be closer to each other and for our marriage to strengthen. Please pray that our walks with Jesus Christ be strengthened also. Please pray for our children and grandchildren. Please pray for my acceptance into the drug treatment program.

4) Brother P –

Please pray for my niece and grandniece who are going through some financial woes. Pray for the husband/father of them who has to travel to another state for work in construction, they miss him tremendously. Also please pray for my fellow prisoners that they may desire a closer relationship with our heavenly Father and their savior Jesus Christ. I hope to be a vessel for God to plant seeds and see them mature. Pray that God will bring this nation back from the brink of destruction and reestablish good doctrine and the family unit that will be blessed by enjoying unity with the Lord.

5) Sister D –

Thanks God for getting me this far. Pray for peace, strength, perseverance, faith and more peace for me. Pray for my family’s safety, security, peace and joy. Pray that I overcome one of the biggest giants that is hard for me to overcome, jealousy. I pray for peace in my heart over things that are happening in my life.

6) Sister N – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ.

I thank God. I will thank Him always! I ask for prayer for the following: I go before the Parole Board in a little while, please pray for me for that and pray for my three court cases and that the court will grant me probation.

7) Sister K – To follow the Lord’s leading about my relationship with my husband.

Please pray for my mom’s health, for my family’s walk with God, for my parole papers to come, for my children’s housing issue as well as my own, for strength and guidance for all of us in here and also for J, J, M and all the women who have gone home. God bless you and your families. Thank you to the ministry for coming into fellowship with us.

8) Sister K – To follow the Lord’s leading about finding Christ and being saved.

Please pray for my family, my children and everyone who I come across to have peace and happiness within their lives. Pray that court may go properly and may my husband find the Lord and cleanse his spirit and soul. Pray that my parole hearing goes well and may the decision of the Lord be with whoever holds my faith.

9) Sister P –

Please God help me get back into my Bible and my prayers. Every day it lays on my heart but I just do not have the desire to and I do not understand why. Please help me. Bless the mind of my family, friends and enemies. I pray for all those who persecute me and those I persecute. Lord, forgive me of all of my sins and please help me get my desire for Your word back in my life. Lord, please bless C, A, S and Z.

10) Sister R –

Thank you Lord for another day, for answered prayers, for reconciliation of family, friends and Your hedge of protection around them, for taking care of the sick, shut in and homeless, for Your protection for the orphans and children in foster care and for the plans You have in my life, ones of prosperity and not of harm, for hope and a new future in You Lord. Lord, please use my life to fulfill the destiny I have on the outside of these walls. You know what I need. Thank You for sending me K, please help her become Your child and remain strong in Your love and Your strength. Give her peace, comfort and strength to endure what she must and her family situation. Lord, give us Your comfort and healing and strength in Your wisdom of life. In Jesus’ name I pray.

11) Sister L – To follow the Lord’s leading about peace and direction, God’s will in my release from here and finding comfort in Him as I am grieving from the loss of my child.

Please pray that I maintain my faith and strength to get past this sorrow and depression that has seemingly overwhelmed me as of late. I am going out into the community with nowhere to call home, no transportation and facing the death of my only child all by myself.

12) Sister B –

Please pray for my daughter, she may be a diabetic. While the best outcome would be for her not to have such a serious disease, if she should have it then may God help her to handle it with grace and responsibility. Thank you.

13) Sister D – To follow the Lord’s leading about the things I talk about.

Please pray for my friend T, she just got diagnosed with cancer. Also pray for my children, family and friends to be safe and guided by the Lord. Pray for myself to stay strong in my fellowship and sobriety. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord for receiving my parole and additional help for my recovery!

14) Sister H –

Please pray for me, I go home soon. Pray that I stay strong in the Lord. Please pray for my sister that she may find the Lord and follow Him. Please pray for peace and joy for my family and Christian brothers and sisters. Please pray for my mom that her life would be less chaotic. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

15) Sister C –

Please pray that I follow God’s path upon my release. Please pray that my housing with M is approved. Please pray that my sister has a speedy recovery, that my aunt’s father stays healthy and that I will find employment upon my release. Thank you.

16) Sister L – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ.

Please pray that I get my parole decision soon and that everything works smoothly. Please pray for my family, that they stay strong and healthy. Pray for my son, that he stays happy, healthy and well taken care of.

17) Sister J –

I would like to pray for B, that her case gets turned over and she gets to go home soon. Pray that God can be with the Parole Board so they can make the right decisions for us all. Pray over my family, that my mom gets a break and finally gets a decent paying job that she likes. Pray for my family’s health and safety. Pray that the Lord will be with me when I take my math test. Pray that God helps me to have a better relationship with myself and others. Pray for all the men and women prisoners. Thank you!

18) Sister H –

I just want to thank the ministry and give God the praise for all you do! You are a blessing to everyone here. Please pray for my family to see the light of Jesus. Please pray that I will grow stronger and stronger in the Lord.

19) Sister G – To follow the Lord’s leading about keeping my eyes on Jesus.

Thank You Jesus for waking us up today, for a sound mind, mobility and stability, for Your mercy, compassion, healing and restoration, for Your love, for hot water, indoor plumbing, rainbows, hotdogs, shelter, my breath, prayer warriors and people that care. Thank You in this life and my new life that is to come. I have an attitude of gratitude. Without You I can do nothing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

20) Sister K –

Pray for my mom and dad, they are older and my mom is going in for eye surgery. Pray that my daughter gets saved. Please pray for my Bunkie’s son, he is in the armed services and she is stressed out about it. Please pray for them all. Thank you.

21) Sister Y –

Please pray for healing for my aunt, she has bleeding on her brain. Please pray for strength in my mom, she lost a brother and niece all in the same month and now her sister has this bleed on her brain. Pray for restoration in our family, for the years that have been lost, for our health, relationships and prosperity. Thank you.

22) Sister R – To follow the Lord’s leading in my life.

I pray that I allow God to be all that I need in my life, to order my footsteps, to walk me into my destiny even if I have to be quickly purged. I want to be blessed by God for when I go home I want to have discerning more in the Spirit, to really hear what the Spirit is telling me. I need the guidance and to become more obedient in everything He says for me to do. I need God in my life more today than ever. I want to learn to be still and be quiet and allow myself to find refuge under His wing. Amen. Please pray for my niece, she is brain dead and is carrying twins. Pray that God will do a miracle in her life and the life of my brother, her father and the rest of my family. Thank you. Amen.

23) Sister C – To follow the Lord’s leading about loving more, having more compassion and being more willing to forgive.

Please pray for the safety of my two boys. Lord cover them with Your blood and take care of their dad, E and L who stay in the house. Pray for L’s mom and touch her mind and heart. Pray for her husband as he goes forth in the Lord. God lead him in the right path to guide Your people at church. Pray for my grandma and her care giver, my aunt and her two daughters. Pray for my uncles and their family, my aunts and their family. Just pray for covering over everyone here and that we get home safely to our loved ones. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

24) Sister L – To follow the Lord’s leading in my life.

Please pray for all of my family, that they get close to God. I ask God to bless me with a visit from my family. I ask God to bless me that I get closer to Him. I also ask God to take all the people out of my life that do not mean me any good. I ask God for these prayers. Amen.

25) Sister B –

Please pray for our president and his cabin. Pray also for the prisoners, male and female and our families. Pray for the administration and their families. I pray that the prison ministry and all of their families will be blessed abundantly. God bless you all.

26) Sister T – To follow the Lord’s leading about having strength, no matter what I go through or whatever may come my way.

I thank God for blessing me to see another day, for watching over my children, family, friends and enemies, for strength when I think that I will not make it through and also for the prison ministry coming out to all the prisons that they go to. Please pray over my six children, four grandchildren and pray for more strength for me as I continue my walk with the Lord. God is good and I am making it work, but we all get weak sometimes and I just would like prayers to keep me stronger. Thanks!! In Jesus’ name. Amen!!

27) Sister C –

Please pray for complete healing for my sister and her best friend. Please pray for strength, peace and becoming closer to Jesus for them during this trial in their lives. Thank you.

28) Sister G –

Pray for God’s grace and for His will to be done in my life. Pray that He continues to give me wisdom, understanding, discernment and have mercy on my soul. Pray that this is the season for all that I pray for. Pray that my children learn to trust and lean on His everlasting love. Pray that He continues to cover them with His blood. Pray that He continues to open doors for me. Most of all pray that God sends a one-on-one visit from the ministry.

29) Sister B –

Please help me to remain strong and to rely on You when I have uncertainties. Please guide my mother and children into Your loving arms and give them faith that in You all things are possible. Please let them find in You what I have found. Lord, give me the tools I need to keep walking on the right path and to not fall into temptations of the flesh, for I am weak and my shortcomings are numerous.

30) Sister A –

Please pray for my family and my son’s father’s family, that they will be safe and well. Pray for my son to get control over his diabetes and for my cousin’s son to talk normal. Also please pray for my son’s father to get clean and find God. Thank you. Amen.

31) Sister K –

I pray that I can communicate with my daughter soon. I pray for acceptance. I am grateful for this prayer fellowship.

32) Sister H – To follow the Lord’s leading about all the areas in which I cannot control like my situation and circumstances. I surrender them to You now, I give them up!

Pray for my mom, I feel that she is really depressed and really needs to be lifted up. She is struggling with her emotions and with her finances. Pray for our family to have a financial blessing as we are really struggling. Please pray for my boyfriend, he is also in prison and I just want prayer that he would come to know the Lord. Reveal Yourself to him Lord. Please keep him safe from any danger. Please let our love and our friendship grow over this time. Pray that he knows that I will be there for him and so will the Lord. Please also pray for my friends, S, S and L that God will watch over them, bless them and keep them safe. Pray for my daughter and that the Lord will keep her safe and let her know how much she is loved by her family and Him. Please Lord show her how much her mom loves You. I pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

33) Brother ? –

Please pray for spiritual growth in my family. Pray for better health, healing and a full recovery for myself and my family. Please pray for special blessings upon my family’s finances and my finances.

34) Brother L –

Please pray for me, my brother and sisters. Pray for my mother also. Please pray for the soldiers of our country and for our government. Please pray for my uncle, he has a hernia. Please pray for my grandma. God bless.

35) Sister R – Today I prayed to receive Jesus Christ in my life for the first time.

36) Brother R – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ.

I ask that you pray and believe in me to make the correct choices in life and do the proper thing in life when times get hard. I would like you to pray about me making it home soon. Thanks.

37) Brother R – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ.

I would like prayer that God will keep working in my life and show me the right path to walk. Pray for my son and my daughter-in-law, that they have a healthy baby. Please pray that I start working on a better relationship with my family. Please pray for my mother, she is in a nursing home and has Alzheimer’s and also that she stays alive so that I can go and see her.

38) Brother F –

I praise God for deliverance and meeting our every need. I pray for the unity of the brotherhood, that the love of Christ be perfected in us and shine into this dark world around us.

39) Brother G –

Please pray that I receive early release from prison. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

40) Brother B –

Please pray that the money needed for me to receive ordination in ministry will be received. In Jesus’ name.

41) Brother P –

Please pray for me.

42) Brother R –

Please pray for my mission trip, I do the Bible study.

43) Brother J –

Please pray for my son and grandchildren who have passed away due to a car accident. Please pray for my daughter-in-law who survived and is in the hospital. Amen.

44) Brother V –

Please pray for my friend and brother in Christ, that the Holy Spirit will guide him and lead him on the right path of righteousness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

45) Brother L –

Please pray for healing from my headaches and for the health services to get my medication right and provide proper treatment. Please pray for all of my family’s salvation. Pray for Ms. M and her healing of bronchitis. Pray for D.J. and J that friendships be restored and God’s peace would fill their room. Pray for K to write and for T’s healing.

46) Brother M –

Please pray for the juvenile bill that is being challenged in the Supreme Court. This will give juveniles, like me, a second chance. Pray that regardless of the outcome that the Lord will keep me strong in serving Him. Thank you.

47) Brother R – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ.

48) Sister J –

Thank you Lord for family and for putting it in my mom and stepdad’s heart to bring my children up here to visit me. Pray that when I see the Parole Board that God puts it in their hearts to send me home.

49) Brother D –

Thank you God for my life and for my children’s lives. Please pray for their happiness and that they know God is their protection. I thank God for the miracle of bringing me back from death and darkness and restoring my sanity and hope in life. Thank You for the love in my heart that You have given me. Please pray for my sister who the devil is attacking hard in her addiction. Pray that God will protect her and keep her safe. God tell my grandma and my dad that I love them and miss them.

50) Brother T – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ and to follow the Lord’s leading about living my life with honesty and integrity.

Please pray for strength for me to do what is right, for peace for my family and me. Pray that I can be of service to those whom I can help.

51) Sister S –

I would like to pray for M and I to have the strength we need to hold strong to our relationship. I pray God is getting me out of here soon like He said He would. I pray for the health and safety of my family. I pray that God uses me to bring others to Him, that He works through me and attracts others that are seeking Him, but do not know where to start. I pray that M gets a lot of transmission business to keep him focused on work and also to help him financially.

52) Brother H –

Pray for myself, my family, my mother that has cancer, for my son and for a relationship with his mom.

53) Brother S –

Pray for my daughter who is going through some discipline issues. Pray for my other son and daughter that they will begin to get along and for my wife that she will begin to grow in knowledge of Jesus.

54) Brother ? –

Pray to watch over all my family and loved ones, wife, children, mother, and siblings and to keep them safe, loving and supportive. Pray to improve the relationships between all of us.

55) Brother ? –

Pray for Sister C, that she comes to know the Lord and receive the Holy Spirit.

56) Brother ? –

Pray that we all sustain a healthy life and that we all make a safe return to society.

57) Brother D –

I would like to ask that you to continue to hold my family up in prayer.

58) Brother ? –

Pray that the angels of heaven protect the women and children of the world in their time of need.

59) Brother ? –

Pray for all the children in the world without a mother and father in their lives.

60) Brother E –

Pray to bless my Sister F and Brother L with good health and to reunite me with my family in the next couple of months.

61) Brother P –

Pray for me so I can continue God’s work on the outside.

62) Brother M –

Pray for my son and daughters to be understanding and thankful.

63) Brother P –

Pray a special prayer that my family will reach out to me because I haven’t done any wrong to them. Pray that God continue to change my ways and to continue to make me a good hearted person and to stay in good spirits. Pray for protection for my three children.

64) Brother B –

Pray for my children and their mother. Pray that they receive the help that they need and pray for their health and safety as well.

65) Brother ? –

Pray to watch over my family and protect my kids and let me make it back to them soon.

66) Brother ? –

Pray for the mothers of my children that I left in the world alone.

67) Brother ? –

Pray for the well- being of my daughter J, and my extended family.

68) Brother ? –

Pray for B and D to get back together and bless everyone’s family.

69) Brother M –

Pray for my family, wife, friends and my son.

70) Brother ? –

Pray that God brings more peace to the world especially my hometown.

71) Brother S –

Pray for me and my family and to make sure my babies are safe and healthy. Please pray that God knows that I love him.

72) Brother S –

I would greatly appreciate prayer for my friends, K and C’s marriage. They are really struggling lately. I would also appreciate prayer for an opportunity to get into the sex offender’s programming as soon as possible.

73) Brother K –

I would like to thank God for giving the mother of my children the strength and courage to complete her goals at the rehab center. She brought our kids out of foster care and has a home, so I want to praise God for that! Pray for her to draw closer to Jesus and depend on Him for the love, strength and courage to continue with her progress. Please pray for my kids. Please pray that the Lord teaches them to understand that I love them so much and I would give anything to be there with them. Pray that they understand that I made a mistake. Pray for their mother to understand how deep and true my love for her is and our children. Pray that she is able to come and visit me. Also please pray for my brother who is in another prison, pray that he gets out this year and serves Jesus. Pray that my mom will overcome her alcoholism and serve Jesus. Also pray for me too. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

74) Sister C – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ and to follow the Lord’s leading about trusting, spiritual association, dedicating thirty minutes to an hour daily, being thankful for all that God does for me.

I thank the Lord for everything. Please pray that I will be granted a sentence reduction of a year or more off of my sentence. Pray for better health for me and help for me to lose the excess weight that I have. I ask you all for prayer on these matters. Thank you.

75) Brother M –

God has provided many sources for me to have for references and study. I thank and praise God for allowing us to re-cover books that have had the covers removed due to prison policy. I pray that God will use the chapel program we are rebuilding here as we do the work necessary to rebuild upon a solid foundation.

76) Brother S –

Please pray that God blesses and watches over the judge who holds my care in her hands, that He helps her to fairly and truly use the education, training and experience He has provided her with. Pray that God grants her the courage to do the right thing. Please pray that God blesses and has mercy on all the incarcerated people. Pray that He fills us with His Holy Spirit, that He helps us to transform our thinking, change our behavior and to use His word to rehabilitate ourselves. Thank you Father God, for the gift of Jesus and for all that You do each day to love, bless and watch over me!

77) Sister S – To follow the Lord’s leading in all areas (my recovery and relationships).

I would like prayer for my family. Please pray for my two sons that they find the Lord and trust in Him with their lives. Please pray a special prayer for myself. I have been incarcerated for many years and my parents just found me a lawyer to represent me who is trying to get me alternate placement for the remainder of my sentence so I can be with my children. So I am putting it in God’s hands and pray that all my hard work and patience He will see. Thank you.

78) Brother C –

I praise God for both my wife and daughter being born again! Hallelujah!

79) Brother R – To follow the Lord’s leading about finding productive ways to be a good listener to His voice and to follow it.

Praise to the Father for giving us life and providing us with our spiritual riches, for fellowship and community among believers and for the compassion of those willing to be ministers among the unfortunate, lost and hurting. Please pray for my parents, my brothers, my good friend B and her family, and all those ministries that are willing to be a family member to Christians locked up, both foreign and domestic. God bless you all.

80) Brother M –

Please pray that God gives me and my fiancé a time cut so we can go home to our kids and get married. Pray that God will strengthen our love and relationship. Pray that God protects all of us and gives my fiancé the strength, love, will power and commitment to wait for me when she goes home and that she will defeat everything the devil throws her way. Pray that God shows my family my love and commitment. I love my family. Thank you all for your prayers.

81) Sister T –

Pray that my daughter and me will reunite and be a happy family. Please pray that I get out of prison real soon. I pray that a change will come soon. Thank God for His blessings.

82) Brother R –

Please pray for me because the devil has been working his bad days around me.

83) Sister T –

Please pray for my mother. Pray for her situations health and marital, pray that God reaches her. Please pray for my husband, he still has no relationship with God. Pray blessings on my children and that God keeps them safe and loved. Pray for a miracle that I would be sent home to them very soon. Pray that I go to boot camp from all the letters my family, friends and church have been sending my judge on my behalf. God will open the right door in His perfect time and I am hoping it is very soon. Thank you.

84) Brother C –

Heavenly Father please help my daughters, grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews to find it in their hearts to understand me. Forgiveness would be a blessing but understanding would be a prayer answered. My prayer would be for them to follow me as I walk my new path with my new friend, just be careful not to disturb the footprints already there.

85) Brother J –

I would first like to praise God for my good health at my yearly check up and for this wonderful weather we have been having. I also want to praise Him for keeping my dad’s health stable. I would like to pray for all the families that got hit by those storms the last couple of weeks and pray that God watches over everyone as we enter this tornado season. I would also like to pray for my family and that God will give them and me strength to get through the three extra months I have in prison now.

86) Brother R – To follow the Lord’s leading about faith, trust and belief, because God is all that I have and speaking to Christ and God put me into peace and help me worry less.

I would like prayer to keep me close to God and my belief in Him, nothing more but God and to bring spiritual friends into my life. Please pray that my mother is doing fine. I have not spoken to her all year. Pray that things are okay.

87) Brother D –

I want to thank God for His many blessings!! For my life, my kids and family! I thank God for bringing me out!! I am praying and asking God to do some things in my life. Help me to stop smoking, be a better person and a better mother to my children. Pray that I can buy a house for me and my kids.

88) Brother D –

Please pray for my wife and daughter to be safe and peaceful. Pray that the rest of our family will see me walk out of prison and that we will see better days on this planet. Pray that God will save the world we live in. I thank God for all the blessings He has given us and thank you for your prayers. Please also pray for my mother to get well soon.

89) Brother J –

Please pray that my sister and I will see eye to eye one day and love each other like we are supposed to.

90) Sister S –

Please pray for my family and my health. Pray that E will forgive me for hurting her and that God will restore our broken friendship. Pray for all the women here and the officers here. Pray that I get an early parole. I praise God for His forgiveness of sins! God bless all of you! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

91) Sister C – To follow the Lord’s leading about the purpose I feel guided to pursue and to worship one God, when I choose, without restrictions.

Please pray for our warden as she is restricting our worship days. God bless us all.

92) Brother C –

Please pray for safety and protection here in prison. Pray for guidance and leadership regarding negative and violent attacks. Please pray for cell mate issues and that we all have a positive and peaceful relationship. Amen.

93) Brother R – To follow the Lord’s leading about never again neglecting or taking for granted God or His will. To listen more than I speak. To be a godly father and husband both now and when I go home.

I praise God and thank Him for His mercy and love, for His healing in my heart and the reconciliation that He has begun. Pray that He will continue to strengthen me as He has done these past few years. Pray that I may grow and develop a character that is more like my Father’s in heaven. Pray for my wife, that she has strength, comfort and peace in her heart. Pray that she too will seek our Lord and surrender to what He wants to do in her life. Pray that God will bless her and help her in special ways raising our children while I am locked up. Pray that our four children will look to Christ for love and acceptance and of course salvation instead of the world. I do not want my children to make the same mistakes I made, help me Lord to teach them to rely on You, to turn away from the deception of sin. I praise God for touching my life and changing it forever! I love our Lord my God, my Father. Amen.

94) Brother A –

I thank the Lord for supplying me with flour to make bread for the food pantry and lower insurance so that I can drive it there! Please pray for a woman I know to receive her healing, she has been off of chemotherapy and is going back to work. Her cancer is in remission. Pray that it will not return. For with God nothing will be impossible as long as we have faith.

95) Brother M –

Please pray for my mom, she found out she has multiple cancers. I thank God that she is not in pain nor is she feeling sick, only tired. I thank God for being a part of my new life and for His calming touch in my heart.

96) Sister R –

Please pray for all of my children and for my new grandson. Please pray that God heals my children’s hearts and that they all get involved in a wonderful church. Please pray for a second chance at freedom for me so I can go home to be a mother and a grandmother. Pray for restoration, healing and forgiving in my family. I need a miracle, thank you!

97) Brother D –

Please pray that the Lord will give me strength in withstanding satan’s attacks, he is using hatred against me from those of the world and my family. Please pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom and knowledge needed to deal with these people. Please pray that the Lord will help me to understand why some Christians and people are telling me to do one thing and they themselves are doing another. Thank you and God bless you.

98) Brother R –

Please pray for my two grandchildren, their mother, my only child is deceased. Pray for a job for me and a place to stay when I get out. Pray for my friend as well.

99) Sister M –

Please pray about giving my daughter the strength to forgive her dad for the hurt that he has done to her in the past. Pray that God will guide my family and me. Pray that God keeps my family and me in good health and spirit.

100) Brother M –

Pray that this is the ending of my prison sentence and that the transition to another chapter in my life is molded by God’s hands. I pray that you all will be praying for me. Pray that I will stop being so closed minded and judgmental. Pray that I will accept all situations in His grace. Please pray for all those I know in the world and all those I do not. Amen.

101) Brother E – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ and to follow the Lord’s leading about my social and mental state.

Please pray for my two daughters. Pray for E and M. Please pray for every single person struggling. Pray for healing of sickness to all.

102) Brother J –

Praise God and give Him the glory and thank Him for the many blessings He has given me and my family. Bless those who are starving and helpless, give us faith and courage to get through these hard times, most of all thank You Lord for loving, caring and guiding us in righteousness. Pray that my time in prison will be short lived for what I have left. Pray that the Lord will give the Parole Board a big heart in understanding what I have been trying to explain to them. Give us all a big heart and soul of understanding as only You can Lord. Thank you Lord for the judgment and forgiveness You have given me and may I be a part of Your work in passing this on to others. Amen.

103) Brother D –

I thank You Father for the life you have blessed me with even when I was unworthy to mention Your name. I thank you for my mother and father and for all the mothers and fathers throughout the world. I thank you for my brothers and sisters and for humanity even when humanity debases itself in Your presence. Please forgive us we are only flesh and bones. Give us the strength and conviction to be faithful that we may always walk by faith and not by sight. Pray Your light always shine bright on the path of righteousness lest we lose our way and fall for the perils of the flesh. I will always be humble for Your name’s sake. Please be merciful to us and forgive us our faults. Amen.

104) Brother J –

Pray that God’s will would be done in my life and not mine. Pray he hears my requests and prayers and answers them His way. Thank you Jesus for another day to serve the most high and for Your very breath that You gave me. I pray for all the brothers and sisters in Jesus that You give them strength to be a holy vessel for You. I pray for the armor of God that I may resist the devil in all areas. Please Lord, be with my sister and give her strength through the medical problems she is facing. Thank You for her baby being healthy. May he be another vessel for You and You only. I thank God for this prayer team and my pen pal for walking in Jesus by my side and giving me encouraging words and comfort. Lord be with the fatherless and motherless children out there. Please be with my son and thanks for bringing him to a good home with his aunt. May his mom get off of drugs to raise him. Pray that I am able to get back in court but only if it is God’s will. May the Holy Spirit guide our footsteps in truth. Thank You Lord for Your love and the sacrifice You made for me to be with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

105) Brother J –

Please pray for the following: my daughter who is in jail that she does not go to prison, for the staff here, for my brother J that he gives up drugs and alcohol, for my niece and nephew that they are safe, for C that everything works out and she finds work, for I and D that they deal with the loss of their dad, for D that he and his children are reunited, for my friend D that we do meet again, for my brother M that he forgives me and writes me someday, for the Parole Board that they quite flopping people for no reason, that the therapists here get people into their therapy groups, for C that she quits smoking and stays healthy, that my boss M will give me my job back when I am released, for G that his heart starts working better, for all the people going home that they become good members of society, that I can deal with all the abuse I endured as a child and leave it behind, for my niece T that she handles her divorce without pain, for Mr. P that he gets out soon to see his kids and for my daughter and me that nothing ever comes between us and we will always stay in touch. I thank God everyday for all He has blessed me with. I thank all of you at the prison ministry and the church for all your prayers. The Lord has blessed me with so many things I thank you for all of your prayers. God bless all of you!

106) Brother P –

Pray that God will go before me to the court and testify on my behalf. Pray that I will be reunited with my aging grandmother and pray for her physical and mental health. Thank You God for hearing my prayers and may You bless all those who pray on my behalf. Amen.

107) Sister T – Today I prayed to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ and to follow the Lord’s leading about having faith, helping me get through my difficulties and to pray for my enemies.

Please pray that God helps me get home. Please pray for me and that I have more faith. Thank you.

My Name __________________________________________________________

Number ____________________ Today’s Date __________________________

Facility _____________________________________Birth Date ______________

Please return this Prayer Requests and Praises form to the address below. And remember to include your praises and thanks to God for answered prayers and His leading in your life. Our Prayer Team will pray for these requests as you seek and follow the path He has laid out for you. Also remember, that all things are in God’s time; He provides for our needs as we are ready to grow closer to Him.

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