Assistance Needed!

Just Got a discouraging email asking for clothes for a guy getting out of prsion May 1.

The fact that he’s getting out is not discouraging. What’s so discouraging is the fact that God’s own people have turned their backs.

Jesus taked about many things. One of the things he was so against is pride and selfish. refusing to help others like the story of the Good Samrnian.

God knows if I had funds to help I would.  I asked God’s own people to help me to help others, but they have turned a deaf ear. This is what’s so discouraging.

Please help me by purchasing a Bible, smartphone, Mother’s Day card so I’m able to help the less fortunate.

View email below

Dear Members,

Brother Michael Cooper at Ryan is due to come home on May 1st. He dosen’t have any clothes other than his prison garb.
 His pants size is 34 in the waist, 32 in length, shirt and coat size is XL. Shoe size is 11E; he needs everything, cap, gloves the works.                                                                                                    

If you are able to donate, please email John Howard at

Thanks, folks, I know you can do it!

In His Service,
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One thought on “Assistance Needed!

  1. What city is the brother in that needs cloths,our program is in Dayton, Ohio if we can be of any assistance let us know. Khadijah Ali, Programs Director phone 937-296-1077

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